Leadbox events are tracked by Leadferno. Event tracking follows Google Analytics anatomy of events. Each event has a category, action, and label. 

These events can be sent to your Google Analytics account. At this time, only Universal Analytics, i.e., codes that start with UA-, are supported.

Add Universal Analytics to Leadbox

  1. Sign in to app.leadferno.com. The app defaults to the Inbox.
  2. As an owner or admin, go to the account menu, upper-left with the user initials and select Integrations. The integrations screen will open.
  3. Select Connect under Google Analytics. A dialog will appear with a text box to enter your universal analytics code.
  4. Enter your Google Analytics code. It should look something like UA-159265358-2. Only Universal Analytics is supported at this time.
  5. Select Save. The dialog will close and the Google Analytics integration card will be labeled Connected.

Anatomy of Events

Categories are Leadboxes. For a single profile Leadbox, the category appears as leadbox-{{leadbox-id}}. The leadbox-id looks like 87c56f71-3051-45be-973f-f7b49149eabd (this id for the Leadbox appearing on this site) and corresponds to the id in the embed code. For a multi-profile Leadbox, the category appears as leadbox-multiprofile-{{leadbox-id}}.

Actions are Leadbox behaviors some of which are automatic while others are user actions. 

  • leadbox: impressions, leadbox closes, and form submits
  • buttons: button clicks except for channel buttons
  • channels: button clicks on channel buttons (phone & custom)
  • form-field: successful entries in the text form
  • form-field-error: errors in the text form 
  • link: footer links to Leadferno and our terms of service

Labels describe the event actions above. For example, the specific button event could be labeled primary-cta is the first button of the Leadbox that loads on your site. 

Action: Leadbox

When the label name explicitly includes "impression", the event is a page load or a load of the button. 

Event label



1º Call-to-action impression: The primary CTA (default “Contact Us”) has loaded on a page on the site


2º Call-to-action impression: The secondary CTA (default “Text with Us”) has loaded on a page on the site


The mouseover “Close” button on secondary CTA


The Leadbox has been opened


The Leadbox has been closed


A form has passed validation and been submitted

Action: Buttons

The button actions are click events. The label describes the button being selected.

Event label



Default Contact


Default Text Us


Button that closes the secondary button


Submitted a web-to-text event

Action: Channels

The button actions are click events. The label describes the button being selected. Note that when creating a phone channel, you have the option to include any call tracking code, if you're using a call tracking provider.

Event label



Opens the form to start a text conversation with your Leadferno number


Clicks to the phone number. This is a tel: link


The sum of all custom buttons selected

Actions: Form Field & Errors

The Leadbox has a form to collect form field information, including any validation errors. 

Event label



The name field of the SMS form


The mobile phone field of the SMS form


The message or note added to the submission

Actions: Links

The are two links at the bottom of the leadbox that include the privacy policy and link to Leadferno. We do this so site visitors, if desired, can review our policies and terms.

Event label



Footer link to leadferno.com


Footer link to privacy policy on leadferno.com