Leadbox events are tracked by Leadferno. Event tracking follows Google Analytics anatomy of events. Each event has a category, action, and label. 

Categories are Leadboxes. For a single profile Leadbox, the category appears as leadbox-{{leadbox-id}}. The leadbox-id looks like 87c56f71-3051-45be-973f-f7b49149eabd (this id for the Leadbox appearing on this site) and corresponds to the id in the embed code. For a multi-profile Leadbox, the category appears as leadbox-multiprofile-{{leadbox-id}}.

Actions are Leadbox behaviors some of which are automatic while others are user actions. 

  • leadbox: impressions, leadbox closes, and form submits
  • buttons: button clicks except for channel buttons
  • channels: button clicks on channel buttons (phone & custom)
  • form-field: successful entries in the text form
  • form-field-error: errors in the text form 
  • link: footer links to Leadferno and our terms of service

Labels describe the event actions above. For example, the specific button event could be labeled primary-cta is the first button of the Leadbox that loads on your site.