For most Wordpress installations, the following instructions will complete your Leadbox embed code process in just a few clicks. Keep in mind with many Wordpress theme and offering variations, this can be different in some cases. We offer two options for adding the Leadbox to your Wordpress site, our Wordpress plugin or our embed code.

Wordpress Plugin

Here are the steps to add and manage your Leadbox(es) to your site with our Wordpress plugin.
  1. Download the plugin here. (
  2. In your Wordpress site menu, go to Plugins
  3. Click "Add new" and then "Upload plugin"
  4. Choose the file you downloaded, then Activate the plugin

Create Your Leadbox In The Plugin

1. Click on the Leadferno option in the main left menu
2. Click "Add new Leadbox" at the top
3. Get the DATA-BID string from your Leadferno account. Go to Leadbox, then click Get Embed Code in upper right
4. Copy only the DATA-BID string of 32 characters (highlighted in orange) from the embed code

5. Paste your DATA-BID into the proper field in the plugin settings
6. Complete the other options for your Leadbox in the plugin settings for type and display

Repeat this process if you have multiple profiles and Leadboxes for your account.


Wordpress Embed Code

The end result you are seeking is to embed the code in a file that then shows the Leadbox on every page of the site. This is most often a header or a footer file like header.php or footer.php in Wordpress themes.

To get started you will need to have your Leadbox embed code. When you signed up, the embed code was display at the end of the sign up form. Also, you can find the embed code from Leadferno under Leadbox > Get Embed Code.

Wordpress Installation Steps
First, log into your Wordpress account.
  1. Click on Appearance in the left side menu
  2. Then select Theme Editor
You are now on the EDIT THEMES page
Go to the right side column on the screen and under “Theme Files” list .
3. Select the Theme Footer (footer.php) or Theme Header (header.php). These are both “universal” files that appear on every page of your site and where you want to embed your Leadbox code so it appears on every page.
4. Add the embed code to it’s own line before the </body> tag.5. Save by clicking “Update File”.