Use Zapier to create integrations and automations of data between software tools without code or a developer.

The most common Zap (an automation built with Zapier) is connecting Leadferno to your CRM to add a new lead from Leadferno as a new contact or opportunity in your CRM. This is just one example of endless options you can use to automate data tasks with Zapier.

Zapier Triggers and Actions

Our Zapier integration supports triggers and actions. A trigger starts an automation, an action is what takes place after a trigger starts the automation. The following are available: 

Note: Polling triggers and actions sync through Zapier every 15 minutes. These are noted as "scheduled". An "instant" trigger is just that, and runs right away.

Actions through Zapier are executed immediately. Requests are limited to 20 requests per second. 

Use Zapier to automate

Please check out our Zapier integration available on In order to authorize the integration, you'll sign in with the same email address and password you use to sign into the Leadferno app.