Business Messages appears as a mobile chat feature on Google Maps and Search. The basic steps to get started with Business Messages during our beta include:

  1. Email or message Leadferno Support with the the local listing you'd like to connect.
  2. You receive two emails from Google to enable Leadferno to manage messaging.
  3. Respond to the verification email from Google.
  4. Google verifies the setup. 
  5. Leadferno launches Business Messages with your location.

This process can take 1 to 2 days.

Note some terms specific to Google's Business Messages:

  • Agent: the conversational entity users interact with on Google. For now, beyond auto-responses, all Leadferno agents are connected directly to a profile so that your team can message directly with users.
  • Brand: A Leadferno customer is the brand with Google. Typically represented by a single website, and possibly many locations. 
  • Google Business Profile (GBP): the location or listing for a business that appears on Google Search and Maps. See Leadferno's business profile as an example.

Notify Leadferno

To connect Leadferno with Business Messages during this beta period, please email or message us with the following information:

Our team will use the website, phone number, logo, business name, and email address from your account. The business name appears at the top of the message as your agent name. If you prefer a different agent name or logo, please let us know. 

Verify with Google

Once you express interest, our team will submit your agent for verification. In order to verify the agent, two emails will be sent to you. The following message needs a reply from your email address: 


You'll respond to one with a special verification key sent in the other. The verification key is generally a six digit number. When Google gets your reply, then your agent will be verified. It may take a day or two.

Launch with Leadferno

Now that your agent is verified, Leadferno will connect the agent to your profile on Leadferno. Then, Leadferno will launch the agent. New messages will come through the Chat button on a local search result. Example below.

Note: if you have enabled Google's Business Messages through Google Business Profiles manager, you must disable it. Otherwise you may continue to receive messages through that channel too.