With our Google Analytics integration, you may be interested in using goals to track the submissions from your Leadbox. Note that we only support UA properties at this time. To set up a goal for Leadbox submissions, please do the following:

  1. Go to Admin (gear icon) > Goals (under view settings). The list of goals loads with a New Goal button. 
  2. Select New Goal. The Goal Description section opens. 
  3. Name your goal and select type Event, then select Continue
  4. Add the Event Conditions as follows:
    • Category   leadbox
    • Action        leadbox
    • Label          form-submitted
  5. Select Verify this Goal to check the last seven days. Note that you'll want to ensure you've received a lead from your Leadbox in the last seven days. 
  6. Select Save. The goal will record submissions via your Leadbox. Note that Analytics data are delay by a day, so check your realtime section if you want to test immediately. 



Note that Leadferno doesn't assign a value to this event, but you can set up the goal to match a preferred Event value by toggling the option to No.