Each message has an individual state. When messages are being sent through Leadferno, we rely on many factors to ensure the message is properly delivered. We display message states so that you can transparently understand if the message was delivered.

Message states

State of message

Sending: the Leadferno app is sending the message from our app through our partner network. 

Sent: the message was sent from Leadferno.  

Delivered: the message was received by its destination and we received a confirmation of its delivery with a delivery receipt (DLR) from the destination carrier.

Message undeliverable: the message encountered an error and didn't reach its destination. The can occur due to network stability issues or if the destination number doesn't accept SMS messages. Message us if you need to investigate deliverability issues. 


Message details including the state, date, and time are available via a tooltip. On mobile, view the tooltip with a long press over the message state icon.