Depending on your needs, exporting data can be relatively simple to a more complex task. Every table in Leadferno has an export button. Additionally, Zapier offers a convenient way to export lead information based on triggers. Finally, there's API that's made available for advanced developers that want to build on the Leadferno platform.

Table export

Each table in export the visual elements in the table. If there is a date or any other filter applied, those filters will impact the export. In general, we'll include a descriptive name with the export. For example, from the Lead capture report will export the Pages table with the descriptive file name of Business name Profile name Start date End date.CSV.

Zapier exports

Zapier allows technical and non-technical users alike to automate workflows without having to write code. Exporting leads, contacts, and conversations from Leadferno is made easy by creating Zaps based on triggers in Leadferno. Read more about our Zapier integration

API exports

Our API is available for developers that want to build on top of our Leadferno platform to integrate with customer data and export lead information or build additional automations using Leadferno messaging tools. We've developed a robust REST API service with public documentation available for inspection. Please contact us if you're interested in building with Leadferno.