The Lead Capture report has four sections: 

  • Leadbox funnel: views and interactions with the Leadbox
  • Leads: communication channel of leads and closed - won statistics
  • Leadbox: conversion metrics
  • Pages: site pages with conversion metrics

The report can be filtered by date. The date range can be customized or has a few preset values. Note that the data aren't realtime, so the Last N days filter will always end a day prior to the current day, so you see a full days worth of data in the report.

The report contains percent changes to data when compared with the last period. For example, if you choose the Last 7 days filter, and today is August 6th, 2020, then the filter will be set to 07/30/2020-08/05/2020. The comparison metrics will be based on the same period just prior, 07/23/2020-07/29/2020. 

Leadbox funnel

The Leadbox funnel is broken into three sections: impressions, opens, and actions. Each metric is represented by a specific event that can be matched to the events that are sent to Google Analytics



The number of impressions of the primary call-to-action (CTA) where the Leadbox is installed. This should match the number of page views of the pages installed, since the primary CTA appears automatically on page load. This event appears as the event label impression-primary-cta in Google Analytics.


The number of times the Leadbox is opened. This is the result of a visitor interaction. This event appears as the event label impression-leadbox in Google Analytics.


The number of times the a text message was submitted via the Leadbox or the number of actions or clicks on a channel button. These events appear as the event labels submit-cta, phone, email, or custom, respectively, in Google Analytics.


The leads represent the channels, which may not come directly from the Leadbox. SMS or text messages (either direct or via Leadbox), Facebook Messenger, or Google Business Messages are all channels in the Leads section. The number of Won leads are those Leads that are marked Closed - Won. The lead creation date determines the lead count, not the date the lead was closed.


The table of actions is the various channels available in the Leadbox. The sum of the actions here match the number of actions in the Leadbox funnel. The conversion metric for text messages is the form-submitted event in Google Analytics. Conversion events in the Leadbox are only attributed to the text channel.


A list of URL slugs where the Leadbox is or has appeared. The columns can be sorted by selecting the column header. Selecting the slug will open the page in question in a new tab on your browser. The following information is displayed on a per-page basis:

  • Impressions
  • Opens
  • Actions
  • Conversions

Each metric matches the descriptions in the Leadbox funnel and Leadbox sections above.