To update your primary call-to-action with a highlight, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Leadbox screen in your profile on the web app. The Leadbox options open and preview loads.
  2. In the Buttons section (bottom), hover on the Primary button and select the pencil icon to edit. The Edit Primary Button dialog opens.
  3. Toggle Highlights on. The types will now be selectable.
  4. Select the Highlight type: Reputation, Average reply time, or Custom. Depending on the type, you'll be given the choice of a  rating & reviews, reply times, or a plain text box.
  5. Complete the Highlight information and select Save. The Leadbox will update on your site immediately. Note the Leadbox preview doesn't yet update.

Note a primary button that is has Button only toggled will not display a highlight. The primary button must display With text toggled.