The Leadbox was built with many options and customizations to mirror your brand and your conversion goals on your website. Let's look at the options you have including the website buttons, colors, logo, content, calls to action, icons and more. 

Leadbox image/logo and accent color

Your Leadbox should match your website and brand. You can change the accent color of the Leadbox and the logo/image displayed by clicking on the pencil icon just to the right of the Leadbox Preview. Once you click the pencil, then click the camera icon in the image/logo area of the Leadbox.

Step 1 - click the pencil icon


Step 2 - Click the image/logo icon


Leadbox intro content

Guide your website visitors on how to interact with your Leadbox. Click the pencil icon to the right of the Leadbox Preview and then edit the content in the upper part of the Leadbox. You are able to use <strong></strong> tags to bold content. The character max for this intro content is 65 characters.

Customizing your website call to action buttons

To edit your Primary or Secondary buttons that appear on your website, you will mouse over the button you wish to edit so that the pencil icon appears. Click the pencil icon to edit that button.


Primary button

The Primary button is always visible on any screen, desktop or mobile, and is the lower button of the pair. The Primary button has the following options for display:

  • Button with icon and text or icon only
  • Text display options of “Contact”, “Text Us” or “Message”
  • Two icon options of a double chat bubble icon or mobile phone icon
  • Screen location of bottom right (default) or bottom left


Secondary button

The Secondary button appears above the Primary button, sliding in from the side of the screen 3 seconds after the page loads to attract attention. It has a wider set of options when creating your call to action allowing you to use any combination of words up to 20 characters combined with 22 icons.


PRO TIP: Use "Text" in one of the buttons. You want to market that you offer the ease of text messaging with your Leadbox buttons.

Setting the Leadbox mode

Text only mode

Text only mode is the most direct path for website visitors to start a text conversation with you. Once a user clicks a Primary or Secondary button on the website to open the Leadbox they are presented with a simple form to complete their name, mobile number and message. This starts the text conversation.


Channels mode

When you use "Channel mode", you are able to add up to four (4) calls to action including the "Text Us" channel that we automatically include and anchor to the top of your channel choices displayed in the Leadbox.


Channel types

  • Custom channel
    This channel allows you to link to any URL, on your website or other websites. It is commonly used to link to existing lead forms, contact forms, email newsletter sign-ups, scheduling tools and payment links. 
  • Call channel
    This displays a phone number and can use click to call code for services like CallRail and Call Tracking Metrics.

Adding a channel

To add a channel click the orange + icon next to the Channels header. Select the channel type (custom or call) and then complete the fields and options for that channel. You can delete a channel by mousing over the channel and then selecting the trash can icon to the right.