Conversion events on your Leadbox are recorded and sent server-side from Leadferno. 


A limited number of Leadbox events are sent to Meta. The particular events are focused on conversion steps:

  • form-submitted: when a text has been submitted to Leadferno.
  • call-request-form-1-submitted: when a call request has been submitted to Leadferno. 
  • call-request-form-2-submitted: when a call request follow up note has been submitted to Leadferno.
  • phone: when someone has selected the phone button on Leadform channels.
  • custom: when someone has selected a customer channel on Leadform.

Learn more about our events

Set up Meta Pixel

Follow the instructions from Meta's website. In general, if you want to integrate the Pixel with Leadferno, you probably have already followed these steps to create a Pixel ID: 

  1.  Go to Meta Events Manager.
  2. Select + Connect data sources and select Web.
  3. Select Connect.
  4. Enter a name for your pixel and click Create pixel. This will create a new ID that you can view in Events Manager. 

Generate an access token

  1. Go to Events Manager > Data Sources. A list of Pixel name and IDs should be listed on the left. 
  2. Select the Pixel name and ID that you'd like to integrate with Leadferno. 
  3. Select Settings and scroll to the section Conversion API > Set up direct integration. 
  4. Select the link Generate access token. Copy this token and add it to Leadferno on the Integrations screen along with the ID selected on step 2. 

Integrate with Leadferno

  1. In Leadferno, as an admin, go to Integrations from the Account menu (upper-right hand corner). 
  2. Select the profile you'd like to use for your integration from the top bar. 
  3. Select Connect. A modal will open with Pixel ID and Token fields. 
  4. Add your Pixel ID and access token and select Save. Events will now be sent to Meta. 

Additional integration details

When we send events to Meta, we send the following: 


  "event_name": event-name, //one the events listed above
  "event_time": eventTime,
  "event_source_url": source-url, //the url where the lead was submitted via a form
  "action_source": "website",
    "external_id": pixelId

See more details in the Meta documentation