Localization for profiles on Leadferno allows customers to create a profile that's focused on interacting with prospects in a language other than English. Today, French and Spanish languages are available. 

Please note we haven't localized the Leadferno app. For now, we can continue to offer the app in English. 

When updating the language of a profile, three changes happen:

  • The language selection is saved on the profile and appears in the profile selector across the app. 
  • Default options on the Leadbox settings page display in the language selected.
  • Auto replies are reset to the default message in the language selected.

If you're interested in supporting multiple languages for your website, we suggest creating two profiles, each with their own phone number and language. The multi-profile Leadbox can have multiple buttons highlighting the language offered through each profile and can appear on your homepage. Also, we suggest installing the language-specific Leadbox on pages written in that language on your website. 

Please bear in mind:

  • Only custom highlights are fully supported.
  • The call channel is not yet supported in other languages.

Please contact us if you'd like another language added.