Toll-free number verification is now required before certain types or volumes of messages are sent via SMS. Ultimately, we take care of number verification on our side. However, it is only something we can process after you've signed up with Leadferno.

We appreciate your patience during this process as we wait for telcos to verify your number with Leadferno upon starting your account with us.

What's important to know?

  • Verification prevents spam or phishing attempts from bad actors. 
  • Links, URLs, phone numbers, or email addresses may not be sent over SMS until the number is verified.
  • Verification may take 2-4 weeks as they work out this new process

We submit your number for verification when your account is created with us and your number is assigned to your profile. 

Why toll-free verification?

The toll-free verification process qualifies the messaging traffic to be tagged as verified with our downstream peers (not directly with mobile operators). The approved tag reduces the number of false-positive blocks and helps increase the message deliverability on a single toll-free number (TFN). 

Verification is not whitelisting, so approval doesn’t guarantee that the customer won’t experience any blocking. However, as long as the sent traffic aligns with the verification application, this allows us to work with our peers more swiftly in order to share the campaign details with the mobile operator and ask for the blocking to be removed.

Benefits of number verification

Ultimately, verification improves the deliverability of messages to your customers by:

  • Reducing the amount of false-positive blocks.
  • Improving resolution for deliverability issues.
  • Increasing protection for your brand by assuring messages are coming from your business.