Contacts are created when leads are submitted via the Leadbox. When adding contacts individually, only phone numbers are required. If a contact was first created from a Facebook lead, it may contain a name only, depending on the individual's privacy settings in Facebook. 

Create a contact

  1. Sign in to Leadferno and navigate to Contacts
  2. Use the + button to open the Add New Contact modal. Only the phone number field is required.
  3. Select Add to create the contact. The contact list will be updated with the new contact. 

For multiple profiles: the contact will be created in the profile selected, or, in all profiles, if no filter is selected.

Edit a contact

  1. Select the contact. The left screen will open with contact details.
  2. Select the edit (pencil) icon. The editable text fields load with save () and cancel (x) icons. 
  3. Edit details. 
  4. Select the  to save the changes.