Add a user account

To add a user account, select the profile the account should belong to. If desired, you can select All Profiles to add the account to each profile.

  1. Sign in and from the account menu (upper right) and go to Team. The Team page has a list of existing user accounts.
  2. Select the orange + button to add a new user account. A modal with name, email address, and role fields appear. User role types are explained below.
  3. Add the account details and select Add. The modal closes and an invitation email is sent to the new account holder to activate their account.  

Note that account invites last 72 hours. If the account isn't activated within that time a new invite must be sent from the Team page. 

Deactivate a user account

If you need to deactivate a user account, please do the following: 

  1. Sign in and from the account menu (upper right) and go to Team. The Team page has a list of existing accounts.
  2. Open the team member details by select the edit icon (pencil). A modal with name, email address, and role fields appear.
  3. Select the deactivate link to deactivate the team member. The modal closes and the team member will not be able to sign in to their account anymore. 

Not that the contacts, conversations, and other actions performed by the deactivated account will continue to appear in the App to keep history. Also, an admin should search for assigned conversations and transfer them to unassigned or to another team member. 

To reactivate a user account, please reach out to support to help you. Note that deactivated accounts can't reuse their email address to create a new account.

User Roles

User account roles help manage basic permissions across the app. Team members can read and respond to messages, but only admins can add/edit profiles, sync integrations, add/edit users, edit auto replies, and edit the Leadbox.


The user account that first signed up for Leadferno is the owner. The owner creates the billing account and has access to all profiles and settings. Only one account can have the owner role and is an Admin level by default. At this time, ownership cannot be transferred.


The admin role has access to all settings and conversations, no matter who they are assigned to. An admin in one profile cannot be a team member in another profile; however, admins must be added to new profiles to access them. 

Team member

The team member role can view and respond to messages. They can see new leads (Unassigned) and messages assigned to them (Me tab), but cannot see messages assigned to other team members. They can add personal shortcuts and get the embed code, but cannot edit team members, profiles, billing, or Leadbox settings. 


When signing up, if it is from a partner referral, the agency partner will get Admin access to Leadferno via their own account. You'll see the partner users on your Team screen, but will not be able to remove them. Customers can switch partners from Admin to Read only if desired. Changing a single partner user will update all other partner users with the same level of access.