Leadferno wants to make sure you're aware of new leads and messages and have SMS, mobile, and browser notifications to alert you. For each notification type, understand the advantages and limitations: 


SMS notifications are for new leads only. Each user can manage SMS notifications by signing into their account, and accessing the account menu. For web, the account menu is located under the avatar in the right hand corner of the app. In the mobile app, it is the last menu item on the bottom navigation bar. 


Mobile notifications are for new messages, reminders, and replies. A new lead will include Lead in the notification message. If you select the notification for a thread, the app will navigate to that thread. 


Notifications are for new messages, reminders, and replies and can appear in the app or as browser notifications. When the app is in focus, the notifications appears inside Leadferno. When the app isn't in focus, for example, in the same widow but not on a tab you can see, then a browser notification is sent. Browser notifications persist in the notification tray until dismissed. 

Safari doesn't support browser notifications at this time.