The profiles page allows you to manage the profile plan, the name of the profile, and the timezone. 

Also, it reports the number of users and contacts assigned to that profile.

Finally, you can upgrade your plan from Pro to Premium. 

Typically, a business would want additional profiles when they have multiple locations or departments. There's a 1:1 relationship between a profile and a phone number. Each profile can be connected to one Facebook page and one Google profile. A profile can have a Leadbox with multiple contact channels. Additionally, each profile can be represented in a multi-profile Leadbox. 

Since each profile has it's own Leadbox, you may customize your location pages so that, by default, they receive messages to the proper phone number in Leadferno.

Edit profile details

  1. Sign in to Leadferno and go to account menu > Profiles. The profiles screen opens.
  2. To edit your existing profile, select the pencil icon next to the profile name. A modal opens with profile details.
  3. Edit the profile name, button name, show in Leadbox toggle, plan, and timezone.
  4. Select Save. You'll be returned to the profiles screen.

Note that the profile name is for internal purposes only whereas the button name will appear on the multi-profile Leadbox if enabled.

Add a new profile

  1. Sign in to Leadferno and go to account menu > Profiles. The profiles screen opens.
  2. Select the + icon at the top or select Add a profile button on the Leadbox preview. A modal opens asking for business name and details.

Once you've finished adding profile details you'll be prompted with multiple options. Note that when you're adding new team members, the proper profile must be selected on the Teams page to add them to the selected profile.

Edit the multi-profile Leadbox

The Profiles page includes a preview of the multi-profile Leadbox. To edit the Leadbox, select the pencil icon. On the Leadbox preview, you'll be able to edit the button names, order by drag and drop, and headline text.

To update the logo and color: 

  1. Select the camera icon over the logo section of the Leadbox preview when in edit mode. A modal opens to upload a new logo.
  2. Upload a logo by dragging an image to the upload section or selecting the link to bring up the file selection window.
  3. Select a color. 
  4. Select Update. The modal will close and the Leadbox editing state will still be opened.
  5. Select the to save the changes. 

The preview will update accordingly.