As a partner with Leadferno, we want to grow your business and our business together. Typically, our partners provide website design, content, SEO, or SEM services. We want to provide our partners with a platform that effectively captures traffic, converts it to leads, and promotes client behavior to win leads.

Partner benefits

Partners derive value from Leadferno's platform principally by demonstrating that the traffic arriving at your clients' websites is converted to a lead. Leadferno will be able to not only measure incoming leads, but you'll also be able to confirm their quality too. And, as a partner, you'll receive recurring revenue from every client you help sign up.

Leadferno Partner Guide

We put together a 10-page guide to cover marketing, sales, revenue, and best practices when setting-up Leadferno for your clients. Download the Guide (PDF)

Measure leads

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Integration

The Leadbox, our web-to-text widget, records all events associated with impressions, opens, and actions.The events can be pushed into Google Analytics to integrate with other reporting you already have in GA4.


Incoming Leads will display the page source of the converted lead. Combine that with impression data, and you'll be able to improve lower-converting pages while promoting high-performing ones.


The Lead Capture Report summarizes the lead channels, Leadbox analytics, and leads marked closed in a single report. The Performance Report tracks and displays the speed to lead data of average 1st-reply times, average reply times, won leads, lost leads and more. Both per accountand per user/agent. Use these reports to show progress against prior months in terms of lead generation and quality.

Confirm lead quality

Access your clients' accounts to check if they're getting solid leads into their Inbox. Check if they are handling the leads well and properly marking them as won or lost based on the lead quality. You might be able to see trends finding which business process could improve their ability to win leads.

Revenue & discount

For each paying client, partners receive a percentage of their plan fee. We use First Promoter to manage client relationships and payouts. 

Partner expectations

Mention Leadferno! We're happy if you want to push or spend time to really sell Leadferno. Otherwise, sending your referral URL to clients, and having them schedule demos directly with Leadferno is fine too. 

Install the Leadbox. Leadferno handles all support necessary to get your client up and running. That said, if you manage client websites, getting the Leadbox installed is an important step that partners are responsible for to get them up and running. 

Give us feedback. Our customers and partners drive our features, improvements, and strategy to deliver on Leadferno's vision to get more leads for businesses. We want to hear about your needs so that we can deliver on that vision.

Display your partnership. Save and use one of the logos below on your site to market your partnership with Leadferno for SMS and conversion. 


Partner setup

As you sign up as a customer with Leadferno, we'll convert your account to a partner account, then give a you referral URL to start bringing on new clients to Leadferno. Please follow these steps:

  1. Sign up with Leadferno. As a partner, you also become a customer. We offer you a single premium profile for just $25/month (retail is $225/month). During sign-up, pick any plan, and we'll make account adjustments for you during step 2.
  2. Become a partner. Simply message us, and we'll convert your account to a partner account. As a partner account, you'll be directed to your Partner Dashboard in Leadferno which allows you to open any account (yours or your clients'). There will be a referral link you should share with your clients so they can sign up.
  3. Set up First Promoter. To get payouts, you'll set up an account to receive payouts from new clients. An invitation will be sent when we set up your partner account.
  4. Add Leadbox to your site. While not strictly necessary, adding the Leadbox to your site will give you an understanding of the options and customizations available through the Leadbox and allow your clients to see how it works on a live site.

Client sign up

Typically, clients sign up directly with Leadferno. Allowing a customer to sign up directly does two things: 1., clients get onboarding emails to learn about using Leadferno; 2., it allows them to pay with their credit card and Leadferno owns the billing relationship. Just be sure they use the referral link appearing in your partner dashboard to sign up.

If you're signing up a client yourself, please still use your referral link. Open a new browser session (e.g., Chrome incognito), create an account with your client's email address to be the owner, enter billing information, and finish signing up. Then share the email address and password with your client. They can then use the reset password option on sign-in to make a unique password.

There are two ways we can bill for clients: client billing (most popular) or direct billing. 

Client billing

When the client signs up, they give us their credit card and we maintain the billing relationship in Leadferno.

Direct billing

Direct billing allows you, as a partner, to have a single bill for your client that includes Leadferno as a line item. with direct billing, the Leadferno line item should match the list price. Leadferno will create a subscription in your client's account that will show as partner paid. And, we'll create a separate invoice for all your clients, charging you the list price, minus the partner kickback. In these cases, we don't do payouts via First Promoter; instead, you just pay the discounted rate. 

If you want to be billed directly for one or more of your clients, just message us and we'll make adjustments on our side to change the billing.

Partner FAQs

Can I change the monthly pricing to Leadferno's list price? 

No. Your pricing for clients needs to be the same as our retail pricing per plan.

Can I charge an implementation fee? 

Yes. Especially if you are setting up any automations/integrations with Zapier. Implementation fees you charge can include payments to cover sales incentives for your team. 

Can I bill directly my customers and pay the Leadferno fees directly? 

Yes. See the direct billing option above. 

Where do I see my revenue from client subscriptions? 

First Promoter.

How do I get a payout from client subscriptions? 

Linking First Promoter to a PayPal or other account will allow us to manage the distributions to you.

Can I access my client's account?

Yes. Your own account will have a link to your Partner Dashboard where you can see a list of all of your clients and access their accounts for reports, viewing and editing.